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A Guide to Massage: Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Article

There are numerous cultural references to Massage Therapy from all over the world dating back for thousands of years. Massage therapy as a profession has grown considerably in the western world in the last 40 years and is popular with athletes and individuals seeking relief from painful conditions and muscular tension and stiffness. Massage Therapy is typically performed on custom treatment tables and chairs and may be done through light clothing or directly on the skin. There are many different styles of Massage Therapy and I’ve listed some of the best modalities in the next section.

Article from the Pain Relief Clinic in Limerick: Massage Therapy Approaches
  • Massage Therapy #1: Sport’s Massage
  • Sport’s Massage can be done pre- or post-event. Typically the goal is increased performance levels, improved recovery after the event and reduction in sport’s injuries. Today almost all high level teams use the facility of a sport’s massage therapist.

  • Massage Therapy #2: Connective Tissue Massage
  • Tissue integrity is the primary goal of Connective Tissue Massage. It requires very strong anatomical knowledge of the therapist and it works on the connective tissue around the muscles and joints.

  • Massage Therapy #3: Deep Muscle Therapy
  • Deep Muscle Therapy works directly on muscle fibres. The goal is to restore correct tension levels to your muscles and as a result relieve muscular aches, tension and stiffness.

What can I expect during a Deep Tissue Massage in Limerick at the Pain Relief Clinic?

At the Pain Relief Clinic in Limerick, massage is performed through light clothing. Predominantly this is done on a custom treatment table but part of your work may be done on a chair if your neck and shoulders need to be addressed. During your treatment we work on your muscles and connective tissue around your joints to reduce and where possible eliminate your pain, aches, tension and stiffness. We will also work to restore full range of movement where this has become a problem.

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