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A Guide to Treatment by an Osteopath. Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Article

Osteopathy was originated in the USA in the 19th century by Andrew Taylor Still in Kansas. He opened the first school of osteopathy in Missouri and it has subsequently spread to most parts of the developed western world. John Martin Littlejohn studied under Still in the USA to become an osteopath and returned to the UK to set up the first school of osteopathy there in 1917. Since that time, a number of osteopath schools have developed in the UK.

An Article from Pain Relief Clinic Limerick. Osteopaths Treatment Techniques
  • General Osteopathic Treatment
  • This forms the basis of most osteopaths’ treatment. Typically this involves applying what is called a high velocity thrust to a general region of the spine or to a specific spinal segment. Your osteopath will use this to address positional faults or motion faults in your spine or in a specific spinal segment.

  • Positional Release Osteopathy
  • This form of osteopathy originally developed by a US osteopath called Lawrence Jones. It aims to relieve/resolve painful conditions caused by musculoskeletal dysfunctions by placing your body into various positions. A number of other osteopaths have since added to this body of work.

  • Visceral Osteopathy
  • This branch of osteopathy aims to influence the organ systems in the torso region of the body. The founder of osteopathy originally began work in this area and it has subsequently been further developed by other osteopaths.

An Article from the Pain Relief Clinic in Limerick. Osteopath Treatment – What Can I Expect

Almost all osteopaths will use a form of general osteopathic treatment. In addition your osteopath may use other modalities such as ultrasound and/or interferential/faradic electro-therapy.  Not all osteopaths practice Visceral Osteopathy. This typically depends on which osteopath college they studied and the continuing education that your osteopath has undertaken.

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