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A Guide to Physical Therapy: Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Article

Your Physical Therapist will typically work in private practice treating sport’s injuries and painful conditions.

What Techniques are used by a Physical Therapist? Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Article

Your physical therapist will typically focus on more hands-on techniques to restore range of motion and resolve painful conditions. Your physical therapist may use range of motion testing and orthopedic testing to get a more accurate picture of your dysfunctions.

  • Physical Therapy Assessment #1: Range of Motion Testing:
  • If a joint is causing problems, your physical therapist may do a range of motion assessment on it. This involves you attempting to move the joint in all the directions that it moves. If you encounter some pain or restriction in trying to do this, it will help to identify the nature of your dysfunction and consequently it will form the basis of what treatment is required for your rehabilitation.

  • Physical Therapy Assessment #2: Orthopedic Testing:
  • There are also a number of physical tests that can be undertaken to rule-in or rule-out specific conditions. For example, your physical therapist may use tests for cruciate ligament injuries in your knees and also for herniated discs in your lower back.

Once your treatment plan has been devised, techniques such as those listed below would be used to rehabilitate you.

  • Physical Therapy Treatment #1: Deep Tissue Massage
  • If your physical therapist has identified a problem in your musculature, deep tissue massage may be done on the area to facilitate your rehabilitation. This will restore your correct muscle tone and also increase circulation in order to help removal of built up toxins in your muscles.

  • Physical Therapy Treatment #2: Joint Mobilisations
  • If your physical therapist has identified a dysfunctional joint, a joint mobilisation may be performed on you. This typically involves your physical therapist moving your joint in a way that restores the full movement and also the quality of your joints movement.

Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Article: What can I expect from a Physical Therapist’s Treatment?

Your treatment approach can vary from one physical therapist to the next. As a general rule your physical therapists approach will consist of a variety of hands-on techniques designed to resolve your painful condition and restore full movement.

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