Solutions to Pain

The first step in our approach to treatment is to take a case history. This involves asking questions such as:

    • How did your pain/injury manifest itself?
    • Where are your symptoms?
    • How long is your pain/injury present?
    • Has it deteriorated since the initial onset?


By asking questions like those above, we can begin to build up a picture of what dysfunctions are present. Once this is finished, some physical assessments may need to be carried out to confirm what dysfunctions are present. At this point, in most cases, the root-cause of your condition is identified.

A treatment plan is then designed to specifically target your dysfunctions. The number of treatments required depends on a number of factors.

    • Your age (younger people respond quicker)
    • The severity of your condition (more severe injuries can take longer to resolve)
    • How long your condition is present (the longer a condition is present the longer it takes to resolve)


Physical Therapy is the most effective method that I have come across to eliminate/reduce pain of musculoskeletal origin and has an 80 – 90% success rate with this type of pain.

Treatment is performed through light clothing and costs €40 per visit. The number of treatments required depends on how long the condition has been present.

Limerick Pain Relief Clinic Treatment

The following are typical treatment requirements:

    • Neck and shoulder pain present for a year would require about 5 – 7 treatments to resolve (However, a substantial pain intensity reduction of 50% or more would be expected after the second or third treatment).
    • A backache that has been present for 2 weeks would typically only require 2 – 3 treatments.
    • A condition present for a number of years may take more than 10 treatments to resolve.
    • Some serious conditions present for years may not resolve completely, but can be substantially improved and controlled by regular maintenance treatments.


Body-type is also taken into account, for example an elderly lady would be treated more gently compared to a rugby player in his twenties. However, both types could expect an effective response to the treatment.

Generally treatments are undertaken once or twice per week. When chronic conditions are resolved, normally 2-3 maintenance treatments are undertaken a month apart to ensure that your condition doesn’t relapse. That way, if any of your dysfunctions show signs of returning, the problem can be nipped in the bud.

In addition, a stretching program can also be devised tailored to your unique condition. This can be followed post-treatment to prevent dysfunctions recurring.

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