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Fractured Patella (Broken Kneecap) | Limerick Pain Relief & Sport’s Injury Clinic

Physical Therapy for Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap

Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap

The patella bone is more commonly known as the kneecap. If you fractured this bone, then you more than likely have done it by falling on your knee. You may have a bruise on the area of impact of your knee. An X-ray can confirm this diagnosis.

Your treatment may involve having your leg in a cast for around six weeks. In these cases, although there is a fracture of the patella, it remains largely intact. Your patella can thus perform all its necessary functions once the fracture site is healed up

However, more serious fractures may require surgical intervention. In these cases, your patella may be broken into two or more fragments. Many of the muscles that control your knee movement are connected to the patella. As a result, their function can be impaired if there is significant damage to your patella.

At the Pain Relief Clinic here in Limerick City, our physical therapy treatment consistently brings relief to painful conditions and sport’s related injuries. Our treatment is very successful treating acute injuries/painful episodes and also when treating chronic long-standing and stubborn conditions.

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Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap treatment in Limerick City Centre

Limerick Pain Relief & Sport’s Injury Clinic

On your initial consultation, we will go over your full case history and also examine your painful condition/injury. Once we have established the primary cause of your painful condition or injury we will approach this by treating the appropriate area. Your treatment is typically carried out through light clothing and is primarily a hands-on approach. Your treatment involves the application of pressure to muscles that have been established as being dysfunctional to return your musculature to normality. The pressure applied can vary from light to deep pressure. However, patient comfort is the most important aspect and the amount of pressure utilised is dictated by your age and suitability. For example, the degree of pressure used on an elderly patient would be much less than the pressure used on a strong rugby player in his twenties. In addition, some treatment may also be done on your joints if necessary. You may also be given some home-care advice to facilitate your rehabilitation.

The usual changes that you will feel are:

  • Decreased or eradicated pain
  • Better or restored full range of motion
  • Everyday tasks that you were restricted in, or simply couldn’t do now become much easier.

“I couldn’t do any sort of training, and my knees were extremely painful. Some days I couldn’t even walk in the mornings. My pain was so bad I had to take time off work. Now, after treatment, I’m back running 40K a week and looking forward to competing the limerick marathon this summer. Morning pains are gone, knees are strong and I don’t have any hesitation putting them through their paces when I’m doing a workout. Found the service to be excellent. I was diagnosed quickly and understood my injury. Tony is well informed and has a variety of treatments and a wealth of experience to use, which he does successfully. I have referred friends and they have all had equally positive experiences.”

Alan Andrews, Raheen, Limerick

Limerick City treatment centre for Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap

Mr. Tony Phelan BSc(Hons)

The Pain Relief Clinic is situated above O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy in O’Connell Avenue in Limerick City with convenient parking outside. You can choose between morning-time, afternoon and evening appointments.

Hi, my name is Tony Phelan & I’m a Registered Physical Therapist. I go to the United States annually for advanced training ensuring that you avail from the best physical therapy treatments available in the world today in our Limerick practice.

Your treatment is also covered by VHI, LAYA, Hibernian Health Aviva and GloHealth. Your session is also eligible for MED-1 refund.

Take steps towards effectively treating your painful condition or injury by phoning us today to book your appointment in Limerick City on (061)467940 or (087)6250992. We look forward to hearing from you and I hope that you benefitted from the information article.