Knee Pain | Limerick Pain Relief & Sport’s Injury Clinic

Knee Pain | Limerick Pain Relief & Sport’s Injury Clinic

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Many patients attending the clinic for knee pain do so without having suffered any direct injury to their knee. Sometimes their knee pain seems to have developed for no apparent reason. This is quite common. For example, you might be a runner who has started to get knee pain while running. You might even notice that the worst time is the day or two after the run. Even if you are not a runner, you might have noticed that your knee is sore when you get up first thing in the morning. Some of you might notice it when you go up or down stairs. Or it might become painful when you’ve been standing for a while.

If this is the type of knee pain that you suffer from, then there is a strong likelihood that your knee may be slightly misaligned. In the vast majority of cases, this type of knee pain responds really well to physical therapy.

However, if you are beyond retirement age, then arthritis is likely to be a factor in your knee pain. Although almost everyone over forty years of age will show some degree of arthritis or “wear and tear” in their knee joints, this usually only becomes a significant factor in pain from the sixties onwards.

At the Pain Relief Clinic, our physical therapy treatment consistently brings relief to painful conditions and sport’s injuries. Our treatment is successful in treating acute injuries/painful flare-ups and also when confronting chronic long-standing and persistent conditions.

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On your initial visit, we will go over your full case history and also assess your painful condition/injury. Once we have established the root-cause of your painful condition or injury we will approach this by treating the appropriate area. Your treatment is usually done through light clothing and is a hands-on treatment. Your session typically involves applying pressure to muscles that have been established as being problematic in order to return your musculature to normality. The pressure applied can range from light to deep pressure. However, patient comfort is paramount and the degree of pressure utilised is determined by your age and suitability. For example, the pressure used on a very old patient would be much less than the pressure used on a sport’s person in his twenties. Additionally, some treatment may also be done on your joints as appropriate. You may also be given some exercise advice to help your rehabilitation.

Typical improvements that you will notice are:

  • Reduced or eliminated pain
  • Better or restored full range of movement
  • Everyday tasks that you had difficulty with, or simply couldn’t do are now much easier to do.

“I couldn’t do any sort of training, and my knees were extremely painful. Some days I couldn’t even walk in the mornings. My pain was so bad I had to take time off work. Now, after treatment, I’m back running 40K a week and looking forward to competing the limerick marathon this summer. Morning pains are gone, knees are strong and I don’t have any hesitation putting them through their paces when I’m doing a workout. Found the service to be excellent. I was diagnosed quickly and understood my injury. Tony is well informed and has a variety of treatments and a wealth of experience to use, which he does successfully. I have referred friends and they have all had equally positive experiences.”

Alan Andrews, Raheen, Limerick

Limerick City treatment centre for Knee Pain

Mr. Tony Phelan BSc(Hons)

The Pain Relief Clinic is situated above O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy in O’Connell Avenue in Limerick with street parking outside. You have a choice of morning, afternoon and late evening appointments.

Hi, my name is Tony Phelan & I’m a Registered Physical Therapist. I go to the USA every year for update courses ensuring that you avail from some of the best physical therapy approaches practiced in the world today in our Limerick practice.

Your treatment is also covered by VHI, LAYA, Hibernian Health Aviva (formerly VIVAS) and GloHealth. Your treatment is also eligible for MED-1 refund.

Take the first step towards effectively treating your painful condition/injury by calling us today to book your appointment in Limerick on (061)467940 or (087)2463763. We look forward to hearing from you and I really hope that you enjoyed the article.