Back Pain

Back Pain

95% of back pain is what’s called “Common Back Pain” or “Simple Back Pain”. For some of you, there will be a clear cause of injury for your back pain. You may have hurt it lifting something. Or you done an activity that you’re not accustomed to, such as gardening or painting. However, for more of you, it will be different. Your back pain may have come on for no apparent reason. This is quite common.

Treatment for Back Pain

Back Pain

So what causes your back pain symptoms? Joint misalignment’s in your back can be a factor. You will know if these are an element of your back pain. You feel a “catch” in your back when you do some spinal movements. This may be when you lean forward or back. Or you feel it when you do a twisting movement of your back.

Your muscles can also become dysfunctional. Your muscles can become tight. Your muscles are a component of your back pain if you are feeling generally stiff. You might also have a dull, constant aching pain.

It really is a case of “knock-on effect” when it comes to back pain. Let’s say you have a joint misalignment in your lower back. Your surrounding muscles become tight. This is to try to protect the affected area. This might seem a good thing initially. But your muscles can’t keep that up for long. After a while they become dysfunctional. Other surrounding muscles now have to assist those dysfunctional muscles. Then after a while, they become dysfunctional under the increased load. This is happening to you if you have been troubled by back pain for more than a few weeks. You might be noticing that your back pain symptoms are spreading to a larger area. You might be finding that your back pain is coming on more frequently. Or that it is more intense. You might be noticing that it’s spreading to your buttock, groin or leg region. Or even travelling further up your back.

Luckily, physical therapy has an excellent success rate with this type of back pain.

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