Fractured Patella (Broken Kneecap)

Fractured Patella (Broken Kneecap)

Treatment for Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap

Fractured Patella Broken Kneecap

The patella bone is more commonly known as the kneecap. If you fractured this bone, then you more than likely have done it by falling on your knee. You may have a bruise on the area of impact of your knee. An X-ray can confirm this diagnosis.

Your treatment may involve having your leg in a cast for around six weeks. In these cases, although there is a fracture of the patella, it remains largely intact. Your patella can thus perform all its necessary functions once the fracture site is healed up

However, more serious fractures may require surgical intervention. In these cases, your patella may be broken into two or more fragments. Many of the muscles that control your knee movement are connected to the patella. As a result, their function can be impaired if there is significant damage to your patella.

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